What’s Next?

On a Saturday morning during the spring season, one likes to sleep in, roll out of bed, and possibly spend the morning in their sweats drinking coffee and reading a good magazine or book.  Maybe you like to rise early and go for a run or hop in the car with your hungover friends and […]

Running on Empty

Get up off the couch…and go straight to the cookie jar. An unreasonable request from my conscious is telling me to put on my running shoes and go outside for a long journey around the neighborhood, however, my immediate urge is to eat the cookie and sit back down on the couch.  As soon as […]

Showers: Bridal, Baby, or Otherwise

Last weekend my cousin played host to more than fifty people at her baby shower.  It was a lovely mid-March day, filled with balloons, diapers, tiny baby booties, strollers, soap shaped into pacifiers, a baby spa tub…er, what? Wow. Where does the ridiculousness end? While sitting next to the crazy aunt (don’t deny it – […]