What’s Next?

On a Saturday morning during the spring season, one likes to sleep in, roll out of bed, and possibly spend the morning in their sweats drinking coffee and reading a good magazine or book.  Maybe you like to rise early and go for a run or hop in the car with your hungover friends and make your way to the nearest grease-filled fast food joint for some sweet relief of the previous night’s bar hopping.  Any way you spend it, the realization and anxiety of a 20-some year old’s graduation and what happens next will hit you at some point on that day.

I have been asked by a few people who are at the corner of “I’m so happy I’m graduating” and “Holy crap, I’m graduating” what comes next.  Since I have graduated and supposedly am a professional adult, they are under the impression that I know the answer to that question.  Yet, the only response that we would find appropriate would most likely be “Life.”

When we were young, our elders would reminisce about their college days stating that they were the best times of their lives.  Now that our college days are over, the overwhelming feeling that we missed something fills our bellies and chests.  Were the days of drinking and house parties supposed to be the best days of our lives?  Did we miss out on something spectacular that everyone else seemed to have noticed? Has it passed us by without a whisper of acknowledgement?

Ponder this: when you graduate and head to your job or move home or move in with your significant other, your life has not subsequently ended.  The trials and tribulations of life itself and responsibilities have just begun.  However, are they bad?  In my opinion, we shouldn’t think so.  Life after graduating isn’t a downhill spiral or even a slope that one might take to get to the bottom.  The answer to the question should probably be shaped more as a resounding echo: “Life, at it’s finest.” This is what living is really about.  Taking chances and not having as much support.  Let yourself go through the highs and the lows and revel in the feeling of life.  Just another thought from a graduate’s perspective.


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