Glitter and Dating

“You have glitter on your face,” I said.

“That doesn’t mean I was at the strip club today,” he answered with a smirk.

“Excuse me?” I replied with eyebrows raised.

Laughter and a full blown smile then reached his lips, and I knew he was joking.  It took me a few seconds, but I got it.  Sometimes I think ‘Gullible‘ should be my middle name, yet some say it is the blonde roots growing out of my head.  However, when dating, I have often asked myself, do men truly like the ignorance of a mate, or do they look for someone who exemplifies the fine line between gullibility and stupidity?

While observing females in social situations, we have seen the very attractive, very educated girl walk up to a man (or woman) in a bar, put on the Valley girl voice and attempt to keep them interested.  One might think that she is stupid for faking this ridiculous phone-sex voice, but then she comes away with the catch, and we think, wait one second.  That actually worked?

Perhaps it’s the fact that she went up to the person at all – the sheer courage to approach someone in a social setting was the attraction.  Or perhaps the veil of brainless smiles appeased them for the evening, yet nothing like that will truly last forever.  Or even maybe, the mate will call her out on it on a later date, and they will share a fond, silly memory of how moronic her approach to him the night they met seemed.  Any way it turns out, it will still remain astonishing to the outsiders who witnessed the initial “pick up”.

At the end of the night, when all of the bottles and glasses have been cleaned up, the music goes off and the bar tender says those famous last words, we won’t think much about the previous interaction between airhead and cute catch.  We will only ponder the big picture event that makes every hug, kiss, hook up, engagement, and marriage happen – What is our catch looking for? Just another thought from a graduate’s perspective.


2 thoughts on “Glitter and Dating

  1. A Woman’s Confidence is what wins a man over more than anything else, a woman who knows what she wants…A woman who shines with self esteem, a woman who is positive, happy and independent, a woman who is kind to others, a woman who can keep her mind open. This kind of woman attracts the right kind of man!

    Hugs, Miss ClassRomance

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