Wedding Limbo

Do you ever feel like every time you sign on to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that someone has announced their engagement?  Or perhaps, you are “that person” who pins the photos of the bridal hair styles, bridesmaids dresses, or centerpiece ideas on your Pinterest board entitled “The Future Mrs.” or “Someday”.  And don’t think that I have forgotten about you, gentlemen.  You pretend to not care as you scroll over those pictures on your News Feed, but admit it, some of you do stop and think about your own future wedding.

To be honest, we are all stuck in what I like to call “Wedding Limbo”.  Our friends, our co-workers, and our relatives are all getting hitched while we watch every step from our computer screens pass us by – engagement party to bridal shower to rehearsal dinner and then the “Big Day“.  We roll our eyes and think to ourselves “another one?!” when we see the status change from “In a relationship” to “Engaged to“, but the blaring irony is that we want that – we want the happiness that is protruding from each and every picture we swear we will never tell anyone we actually viewed.

And yet after secretly criticizing every detail of someone else’s big day, we sit back, take a breath, and wonder when will it happen to us.  We don’t necessarily want it to happen tomorrow, but we have a feeling of being stuck – old enough for marriage, but still young enough to appreciate the freedom.  The funny thing is, we aren’t actually mad that these people are getting engaged and having a beautiful wedding, we are just disappointed that we are in Wedding Limbo: the place where it seems that everyone you know is having a wedding, your family begins to drop subtle hints, and your grandmother tells you to do it before she’s dead.  (True story.)

As I sit here and write, I think to myself – don’t rush into it.  We shouldn’t get caught up in the illusion of the pomp and circumstance.  We should be smart and think beyond what the wedding ceremony is all about: a happy, healthy marriage.  Once you’ve traveled down that road, you will most likely come to the conclusion that Wedding Limbo isn’t all that bad.  Consider it a bit of a last hurrah before the responsibility of life consumes you.  Revel in it, and have another beer.  Just a thought from a graduate’s perspective.


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